Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tread Softly, Nurse Scott!

Title: Tread Softly, Nurse Scott!
Author: Marilyn Ross
Publisher: Paperback Library
Published: October 1966, ©1966
Illustrator: Mort Engel

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

Nurse Judy Scott alone knows that Dr. Graham Holland, chief surgeon of the hospital where she works, has made a terrible mistake. Because of his error, a patient may die. Only one person believes Judy—Dr. John Randall, her fiancé. But for reasons of his own, Dr. Randall refuses to do anything. He even threatens to end their romance if Judy exposes Dr. Holland’s mistake. With her future and her patient’s life at stake, Judy faces her most crucial decision as a nurse—and as a woman.

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