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JH (Jack Harman?)

Title: Nurse Hilary's Holiday Task
Author: Jan Haye,
Publisher: Harlequin #897
Published: March 1965, ©1964
Illustrator: JH (Jack Harman?)

The artist's initials are in the lower left-hand corner.

Nurse Hilary Hope, just recovered from an attack of pneumonia, took the job of accompanying Lady Vesper to Auvergne, in France, as her nurse. There she met her ladyship’s doctor, Raoul de la Rue, to whom she was attracted despite herself, for theirs was by no means an amicable relationship.

JH (Jack Harman?)

Title: Nurse Willow's Ward
Author: Jan Tempest
Publisher: Harlequin #963
Published: November 1965
Illustrator: JH (Jack Harman?)

The illustrator's initials are in the lower left-hand corner.

When two devoted sisters love the same man, there is bound to be unhappiness; especially in a case like this, where young Dr. Fyncham couldn't make up his mind between Willow, the competent nurse, and Rose, the sweet, shy home girl. Probably it was just as well for all concerned that a more forceful character took a hand in the game.

Don Stivers

Title: Nurse Penny
Author: Suzanne Roberts
Publisher: Dell Candlelight
Published: ©1968
Illustrator: Don Stivers

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

Penny Alden came to the plush Ritter Clinic in wealthy Palm Beach for one reasonto gain the nursing skills she needed to help her fiance, Dr. Kevin Flanagan, in operating a rural hospital for the poor and needy. But at the Clinic the young nurse found that even her dedication was not immune to the pleasures of a sun-filled, carefree lifeor to the attentions of handsome, playboy-doctor Mark Hobson. How could she have let this happen, Penny desperately wondered. How could she have fallen in love with one man while engaged to another? How could she stop her foolish heart from betraying all she believed in? Torn by conflicting emotions, Penny desperately searched for her right path as a nurseand as a woman.

JH (Jack Harman?)

Title: Nurse with a Problem
Author: Jane Marnay
Publisher: Harlequin #955
Published: October 1965
Illustrator: JH (Jack Harmon?)

The artist's initials are in the lower left-hand corner.

Only her work as a hospital nurse kept Noelle Carlyon from giving way to despair when her sister Leoni married Timothy Yorkethe man Noelle loved. Knowing that Leoni was not in love with Timothy made the position even harder to accept; Noelle could foresee tragedy for her spoilt young sister. Then John Corringway, a brilliant young surgeon, proposed marriage to Noelle, but Noelle, whose emotions were still centred on Timothy, could not accept, for to her there should be no marriage without shared, equal love. A trip to South Africa gave Noelle time to clear her confused thoughts, but she had yet to play a part in a tragedy before she found true happiness.

Victor Livoti

Title: Nurse Nolan's Private Duty
Author: Adeline McElfresh
Publisher: Dell
Published: June 1966, ©1966
Illustrator: Victor Livoti

He is credited on the back cover.

When Jill accompanied Carol Winston to Pinetop Farm, she knew her patient was in need of more than her medical skill. But Jill's training had not taught her how to heal an almost broken marriage ...

Allan Kass

Title: Heartbreak Nurse
Author: Jane Converse
Publisher: Signet
Published: December 1968
Illustrator: Allan Kass

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

She knew from the moment he called that Dr. Dean Warner was disturbed. Very disturbed. A tragic accident had critically injured a 5-year-old child and Nurse Lillian Bryant was called upon to deliver superhuman services. As the days passed Lillian puzzled at Dean Warner's passionate involvement with the child's welfare, a concern which was bringing him to the point of collapse. Then the rumors began. About Dean and the child's exotic mother. About a forgotten youth. About the man Lillian loved who expected her to give her own life for a beautiful nightmare out of his past. 

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Lou Marchetti

Title: Worlds Fair Nurse
Author: Dorothy Daniels
Publisher: Paperback Library
Published: ©1964
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review published here

The work is uncredited, but it is very much in his style.

Carol Allison, R.N. hid a dark secret out of her past from her friends at the World’s Fair. But her more immediate problem was Tina, the delicate ballerina at the Fair who had an incurable heart condition. Carol warned her that if she danced, she risked death. Yet Tina refused to quit, and threatened to reveal Carol’s secret if she went to the authorities. Standing by Carol were the two men who loved her. Each man knew that only one would win Carol, yet they both worked to clear her name. But it was Carol alone who had to choose between saving the life of the dancer or her own nursing career.