Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vietnam Nurse

Title: Vietnam Nurse
Author: Della Field (pseudonym of
Fannie Q. Howe)
Publisher: Avon #G1298
Published: Sept 1966, ©1966
Illustrator: Mort Rosenfeld
Review available

His signature is in the bottom left-hand corner, and he is credited as “Mort Rosenberg” on the verso page.

Natalie Knight of the Navy Nurse Corps had come a long way from Oregon to the battle-torn plains and jungles of Vietnam. But it was a journey of love and devotion. She was looking for Tom, her Green Beret fiancé. He had been reported as missing, but Natalie did not give up hope. She knew that Tom, and hundreds like him, needed her because she was a Vietnam Nurse.

Star Lansing - Arizona Doctor

Title: Star Lansing - Arizona Doctor
Author: Ruth McCarthy Sears
Publisher: Dell (#8252)
Published: ©1971
Illustrator: Gordon Johnson

Review available

The author’s signature runs along the back of her lab coat. This signature is similar to the one on “Just Married” (see below).

Young and lovely Dr. Star Lansing loved the wild Arizona country where she was born and raised. Here she dedicated herself to helping the poor but proud local Indian tribe, raising needed funds by treating wealthy patients at the exclusive Desert City spa. But Star faced an agonizing crisis of loyalty when dashing Air Force Colonel Whittaker Blake swept her off her feet. Whit was determined to install a missile site in the area, despite heated community protests, and he asked Star to be his ally. Could Star side against her own people? Could she lower her standards as a doctor in the name of patriotism? Was she truly loved, or merely being used? It took a dramatic medical emergency, and a startling revelation of character, to help Star find the answer hidden in her heart.

Closeup of signature on Star Lansing - Arizona Doctor cover

Closeup of signature on
Gordon Johnsons painting “Just Married”


Dr. Whitney's Secretary

Title: Dr. Whitneys Secretary
Author: Dorothy P. WalkerP
ublisher: Pocket Books, #583
Published: Feb. 1949, ©1944
Illustrator: Barye Phillips

He is credited on the back cover.
Joy Marlowe was engaged to Vic Harding. Now she was betrayed, and by her own sister! Her pride was hurt but to her surprise she found her heart immune. Could it be that her loyal attachment to handsome Dr. Whitney was a mask for some deeper emotion? She had to find the answer. The future happiness of four people was involved. Would her final decision be the right one?