Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vietnam Nurse

Title: Vietnam Nurse
Author: Della Field (pseudonym of
Fannie Q. Howe)
Publisher: Avon #G1298
Published: Sept 1966, ©1966
Illustrator: Mort Rosenfeld
Review available

His signature is in the bottom left-hand corner, and he is credited as “Mort Rosenberg” on the verso page.

Natalie Knight of the Navy Nurse Corps had come a long way from Oregon to the battle-torn plains and jungles of Vietnam. But it was a journey of love and devotion. She was looking for Tom, her Green Beret fiancé. He had been reported as missing, but Natalie did not give up hope. She knew that Tom, and hundreds like him, needed her because she was a Vietnam Nurse.

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