Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Terror Stalks the Night Nurse

Title: Terror Stalks the Night Nurse
Author: Blanche Y. Mosler
Publisher: Paperback Library (#51-188)
Published: 1963
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti

This is credited on the Lou Marchetti web site.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Special Nurse

Title: Special Nurse
Author: Lucy Agnes Hancock
Publisher: Pocket Books (#692)
Published: 1950 (Pocket Books first edition)
Illustrator: Barye Phillips
Review available

He is credited on the back cover. Another cover of this same book can be found here.

"Darling!" A voice from the past greeted her. Pamela Ware spun around, her heart in her throat.
"You! Doctor Allen!" she whispered.
"Pete, to you, Pam. Just Pete."
"But what are you doing here?" she asked.
"Visiting," he smiled. "A guest like you."
"Oh!" was all Pam could say. Why had he come? She was trembling--her heart throbbed with a dull ache. Pamela Ware said she would never marry a doctor. But that was before she went on vacation; before the accident that gave her life into the hands of an unknown doctor. Afterward, nothing was quite the same. Her head still said "no" but her heart would not listen.

Roxanne, Company Nurse

Title: Roxanne, Company Nurse
Author: Zillah K. Macdonald with Josie Johnson
Publisher: Berkley Highland (F1356)
Copyright: 1966
Illustrator: Harry Bennett
Review available

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

When pretty young Roxanne McRae gave up a glamorous post in a large New York hospital to become Assistant Nurse at the Hudson Sugar Refinery--a job with broad responsibility for the welfare of a big company--she did not realized she would be plunged into--
Danger--the hazards of a huge plant wehre safety measures are few and injuries many and terrible...
Romance--with Anthony Polk, young general manager--handsome, charming, and sometimes infuriating...
Intrigue--when the accident rate at the plant rises suddenly, Roxanne decides to play detective and finds herself caught in a mysterious and FRIGHTENING SITUATION...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

His Wife the Doctor

Title: His Wife the Doctor
Author: Joseph McCord
Publisher: Harlequin (#13)
Copyright: 1949
Illustrator: D. Rickard
Review available

The illustrator's signature is on the back of the doctor's clipboard.

Serenity Dale, M.D., was firmly established in the city as a Doctor, with an enviable reputation for her skill and hard work. Married to Maury Parrish, a thus far unsuccessful novelist, Serenity was trying hard to prove her theory that marriage and medicine could be happily and profitably combined. All might have gone well had she not accepted, against her own wishes, a position as head of a private hospital, for it was then that her difficulties really began. Before she realised what was happening, Maury was seeking inspiration elsewhere, and she became involved in profesisonal troubles of her own. Fortunately Serenity was a skillful enough doctor and a good enough wife to make her own prescription work, after she was shocked into a realisation of the problem with which she was confronted.