Saturday, December 27, 2014

City on the Bay

Title: City on the Bay
Author: John R. Sherwood
Publisher: Badger Books
Published: not listed
Illustrator: Henry Fox

His signature is in the middle of the illustration.

Texan Mike Rayburn left his post in the American city-hospital and flew across the world to Sydney, Australia. To the bridge, the harbor; to the city and world that was newer even somehow than the one he had left behind. On an exchange agreement, he was on loan for six months to the huge research hospital on the outskirts of the sprawling, brawling, exciting city. He was sorry to leave behind his friends and colleagues, and in particular his fiancée, Susan, with whom he had shared so much during his training and the unending strife of a surgeon's life. But he was glad to carry the battle further afield, to meet new people, learn new methods. In this other city within a city he met the same dedication, the same loves, the same hates and envies. He met other men who were like himself; other men who pretended to be like himself and were not. He met women too, and one in particular who sought his love ... and a strange man who sought his friendship.

Combat Nurse

Title: Combat Nurse
Author: Frieda K. Franklin
Publisher: Pocket Books (#1147)
Published: February 1957, ©1955
Illustrator: Barye Phillips

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

“Here is a different war novel. It is told from the viewpoint of Lee Caine, a nurse working with the advance platoon of a field hospital, the farthest forward unit of its type. This isnt a pretty story, but it is a gripping onea novel that strips off the so-called glamour of war and leaves the stink, the mud, the slime, and the blood and death that are its very essence. Mistakes are here as well as victories—planes that bomb their own men, cowards who turn tail and run, a surgeon who cracks up in the middle of an operation. Here is a side of war seldom portrayed—and seldom so vividly. Even the armchair adventurer will feel that he has lived in the very vortex of a bloody conflict.The New York Times Book Review

Daredevil Nurse

Title: Daredevil Nurse
Author: Arlene J. Fitzgerald
Publisher: Pyramid Books (#K-1115)
Published: December 1964, ©1964
Illustrator: Mort Engel

He is credited on the back cover.

Dr. Stag Shaylor fascinated Nurse Robin Reid—and most of the people in her home town. Why did the gifted young surgeon live alone in the strnage old house? Who were his late-night visitors? Were his unusual medical practices only unorthodox—or dangerous fakery? Robin had to find out the answers—for she sensed that Stag Shaylor could be more exciting—and dangerous—than Robin’s daring hobby of skydiving!

Bluegrass Doctor

Title: Bluegrass Doctor
Author: Ethel Hamill (pseud. Jean Francis Webb III)
Publisher: Airmont Books
Published: June 1963, ©1953
Illustrator: Len Goldberg

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

Lovely Danielle Belden, a miniature and feminine counterpart of her beloved father, “Doctor Dan,” had followed in his footsteps in becoming a veterinarian—her patients, the racing thoroughbreds of the Kentucky bluegrass. Years before, the Beldens had been honored guests in the mansions whose stables Danielle now visited on her rounds of duty, but this fact did not disturb her. The disturbance was Clive Gaynor, the attractively redheaded owner of the most beautiful house of them all, returning home after a long absence and acting like a stranger to Danielle—a stranger who had seemingly forfeited his birthright.

Doctor Jerry

Title: Doctor Jerry
Author: Peggy Gaddis
Publisher: Paperback Library (#50-242)
Published: October 1963, ©1951
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti

He is not credited, but this is very much in his style.

It was a mystery why Jerry Malcolm—handsome, gifted, dedicated—had sacrificed an important medical career in the city for the hard, underpaid life of a country doctor. Malicious tongues whispered of scandal. And his friendships with the glamorous, rich widow and the lovely young school teacher fed the flames. But Dr. Jerry refused to let evil gossip put an end to his work. Only he knew that a terrible tragedy threatened the town, and only he—Dr. Jerry—could possibly avert it.

A Nurse Is Born

Title: A Nurse Is Born
Author: Bess Norton
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: January 1963, ©1962
Illustrator: Bern Smith

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

For a long time Candida Jones had set her heart on becoming a nurse. But her parents were on the other side of the world, and she had a hard time persuading her uncle and aunt to allow her to start training. It was a hard life for a girl, her uncle reminded her, unless she had a real vocation for it. However, Candida eventually received their consent to train at the local hospital near their Welsh Valley home. And sure enough, Candida turned out to be a born nurse, and found nursing even more rewarding, exciting, andwith the advent of Doctor Randon Lordmore romantic, than she had ever imagined.