Saturday, December 27, 2014

Combat Nurse

Title: Combat Nurse
Author: Frieda K. Franklin
Publisher: Pocket Books (#1147)
Published: February 1957, ©1955
Illustrator: Barye Phillips

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

“Here is a different war novel. It is told from the viewpoint of Lee Caine, a nurse working with the advance platoon of a field hospital, the farthest forward unit of its type. This isnt a pretty story, but it is a gripping onea novel that strips off the so-called glamour of war and leaves the stink, the mud, the slime, and the blood and death that are its very essence. Mistakes are here as well as victories—planes that bomb their own men, cowards who turn tail and run, a surgeon who cracks up in the middle of an operation. Here is a side of war seldom portrayed—and seldom so vividly. Even the armchair adventurer will feel that he has lived in the very vortex of a bloody conflict.The New York Times Book Review

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