Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bluegrass Doctor

Title: Bluegrass Doctor
Author: Ethel Hamill (pseud. Jean Francis Webb III)
Publisher: Airmont Books
Published: June 1963, ©1953
Illustrator: Len Goldberg

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

Lovely Danielle Belden, a miniature and feminine counterpart of her beloved father, “Doctor Dan,” had followed in his footsteps in becoming a veterinarian—her patients, the racing thoroughbreds of the Kentucky bluegrass. Years before, the Beldens had been honored guests in the mansions whose stables Danielle now visited on her rounds of duty, but this fact did not disturb her. The disturbance was Clive Gaynor, the attractively redheaded owner of the most beautiful house of them all, returning home after a long absence and acting like a stranger to Danielle—a stranger who had seemingly forfeited his birthright.

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