Sunday, December 23, 2012

Judy George, Student Nurse

Title: Judy George, Student Nurse
Author: Patti Stone
Publisher: Paperback Library
Published: April 1967, ©1966
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
This cover is uncredited, but it is clearly done in his style.
For Judy George, nursing is full of challenge and drama. When an accident case is brought into emergency, Judy is strangely attracted to the gaunt, red-haired victim known only as Joe Smith. Though his recovery is quick despite a persistent loss of feeling in one thumb, Joe is depressed. To help him overcome his handicap, Judy convinces him that the best therapy is to work at the hospital. He surprises everyone with his care and concern for crippled children. Judy wonders just what he did before the accident, but Joe mysteriously guards his past. Soon Judy realizes that, despite the fact he is still a stranger to her, she is in love with him. But how can she plan the future with a man who refuses to discuss his past?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Nurse on Nightmare Island

Title: Nurse on Nightmare Island
Author: Lois Eby
Publisher: LancerBooks
Published: ©1966 (#72-101)
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti

Review available

This is uncredited, but it is remarkably similar to the cover of Leap in the Dark, which is credited to Lou Marchetti.
Helen Barris was a conscientious nurse. When she surmised from his letters that Dr. Harvey Jenkins, the world-famous physicist who had been her patient at the hospital, was on the verge of a relapse, she went immediately to Morago Island, the ancient pirate hideout where he was recuperating. She knew her mission of mercy would be incredibly difficult. She couldn’t know that before the weird affair was over, lives would be lost—and her own life would be magically changed by an overpowering romance.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Clinic Nurse

Title: Clinic Nurse
Author: Adelaide Humphries
Publisher: Airmont Books
Published: Oct. 1963, ©1958
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

This is uncredited, but his daughter, Louise M. Zeitlin, has told me that this is a Lou Marchetti cover.

After three years at an exclusive girls’ school, Susan Randall decided to finish her education by taking a course in physical therapy at the University. Upon graduation, Susan threw herself wholeheartedly into her work as a physical therapist in a New York clinic. It was incidental to Susan that handsome Jon Crawford, whose small daughter was a patient at her clinic, was a very rich man. In Susan’s scheme of things, Jon was no more important than her young neighbor, Ray Farrell, disabled and embittered by a serious accident. Through her skill, perhaps she could bring Ray back to health …

Dude Ranch Nurse

Title: Dude Ranch Nurse
Author: Arlene Hale
Publisher: Ace (#17220)
Published: ©1963
Illustrator: Charles Gehm
Review available

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

Jan Gordon came to Deer River, with its dude ranches deep in the Rockies, in order to thrust aside all the unpleasant memories of the past and rediscover herself. But Jan found that as a nurse and as a woman, she couldn’t turn her back on conflict. There were two young doctors in Deer River; Jan owed loyalty to both. To Dr. Coe, Jan was bound by her conscience, but it was Dr. Lester who held her heart.

My Favorite Nurse

Title: My Favorite Nurse
Author: Arlene Hale
Publisher: Ace (#55182)
Published: 1968
Illustrator: Charles Gehm
Review available

His signature runs along his jacket in the lower right-hand corner.

“My favorite nurse” … that’s the way Roanna Evans’ patients at Rockwell General described her. But Roanna, in turn, became so involved with her patients that, if any of them failed to recover, it was like a dagger in her heart. Dr. Bill Benton, head of the department, was in love with Roanna—but he was extremely worried about her tearful concern for her patients. So he did what he thought best: He ordered her to take a leave of absence. Roanna recovered her spirits in no time. She had taken a new job which made but few demands on her time—and even less on her emotions. Besides, her new boss was very attractive, and often took her out on dates. Suddenly an emergency erupted at Rockwell General. A frantic call went out for every available nurse. Roanna knew that Dr. Bill Benton needed her. … But could she face that ordeal again?

A Nurse Comes Home

Title: A Nurse Comes Home
Author: Ethel Hamill
Publisher: Dell Candlelight (#6506)
Published: First printing, Oct. 1969, ©1954
Illustrator: Edrien King
Review available

Her signature, though cut off, is in the lower right-hand corner.

When lovely, blonde Elizabeth Lane returned home to San Francisco, she thought she could take up her life just as it had been before. But in the three years the young nurse had been away—years spent as a prisoner of the enemy in Asia—grave changes had taken place. Handsome Doctor Marsh Carson, who had sworn to marry her, now was engaged to the ravishing, yet strangely sinister Karen Russell. Barney Jordan, who had helped Elizabeth survive her harsh captivity, now claimed a debt she felt she could never honestly repay. Then there was the rugged young newspaperman, Scott Alexander, with his probing questions and disturbing attractiveness. And Elizabeth quickly discovered that she herself was no longer the same girl who had gone away, as she struggled to find out what this new person who bore her name should do.

Arctic Nurse

Title: Arctic Nurse
Author: Dorothy Dowdell
Publisher: Dell Candlelight (#03038)
Published: Second printing, Sept. 1969, ©1966
Illustrator: Allan Kass

His signature runs along the edge of her jacket.

When beautiful, dark-haired Lori Waters came home to Alaska, she was escaping the memory of heartbreak. She had fallen in love with young Dr. Cliff Randolph, handsome, brilliant, and devil-may-care. But she had lost him, and now she desperately plunged into the excitement and challenge of her work as head nurse on difficult, peril-filled medical missions to distant Alaskan villages. Then, one day, the new doctor arrived. As he descended from the airplane, Lori felt her heart skip a beat, then start throbbing violently. It was Cliff—who now said he loved her. But could she believe him, with his mocking smile and ironic gaze? Could she trust this man who had once so cruelly betrayed her?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Surgical Nurse

Title: Surgical Nurse
Author: Rosie M. Banks (pseud. Alan Jackson)
Publisher: Pocket Books
Copyright: 1959
Published: Third edition (#6057), 1960
Illustrator: Robert Abbett

His signature is at the bottom of the cover.

Nurse Althea Jones, young and lovely, worshiped her boss, Dr. Mike. He was a brilliant surgeon. Handsome—and married. So Althea did not admit—even to herself—that she loved him. But the day came that shattered her life. Dr. Mike leaned down and kissed his pretty nurse. Not a friendly kiss but one filled with unleashed passion. Then he recovered his control and the moment was over—for him. But for her, that was a moment of beginning. How could she forget, ever, the pressure of his lips on hers? How could she ever marry anyone else, knowing that her heart belonged to him? She knew it was hopeless. But there had to be a way, somehow, somewhere, someday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Psychiatric Nurse

Title: Psychiatric Nurse
Author: Mary Mann Fletcher
Publisher: Ace (D-539)
Published: 1962
Illustrator: Rudy Nappi
Review available

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

Brad Andrews’ unhappy past drove him from reality to the walls of a private mental institution. And Nurse Holly Warren did not realize how involved she would become with her handsome patient until she helped Dr. Mike Barrish administer the “truth serum” to uncover his secret and make his life more bearable. Soon Holly found herself very much a part of Brad’s life. He needed her love—while Holly’s own heart was drawn to the fascinating doctor who belonged to another woman.

The Patient in 711

Title: The Patient in 711
Author: Elizabeth Wesley (pseud. Adeline McElfresh)
Publisher: Dell Candlelight (#7030)
Published: Feb 1972, first printing
Copyright: 1972
Illustrator: Enric Torres Prat
Review available

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

Pretty Laurie Ames was used to handling dangerous medical crises as a highly skilled nurse—but suddenly a different kind of peril haunted her young life. Behind the heavily guarded doors of hospital room 711 a great scientist lay injured. Foreign agents wanted him out of the way for good, and Laurie knew they might try to reach him through her. Desperately she wondered whom she could trust. Handsome Colonel Hank Romain, whose actions had become so secretive? Dashing playboy Carl Jennings, with his witty repartee and tempting proposal? Or Andy Rogers, the mysterious young patient who had lied about his past? Nurse Laurie Ames was caught in a treacherous web of violence and intrigue—and her only hope for safety lay in a daring gamble of love.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nurse Barclay’s Dilemma

Title: Nurse Barclay’s Dilemma
Author: Adelaide Humprhies
Publisher: Dell (D419)
Published: 1961 (©1954)
Illustrator: Bob Abbett

He is credited on the back cover.

Condition: Serious. Nurse Frances Barclay knew it would take more than physical therapy to set her patient, Mark Ennis, on the road to recovery. Mark had been a prisoner of war in Korea, but his refusal to respond to treatment came from something much deeper than the physical torture he had endured. Something else happened to Mark, something that left a raw emotional scar. Before that scar could heal, Nurse Barclay would have to uncover Mark’s tormenting secret, however painful it might be to both of them.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Special Nurse

Title: Special Nurse
Author: Lucy Agnes Hancock
Publisher: Pocket Books (#6054)
Copyright: 1948
Published: 1960, fifth printing
Illustrator: Mark Dawson

He is credited on the back cover. Another cover for this same book can be found here.

“It’s all over, my darling.” Gently, Pete’s hand brushed her cheek. Pam was only partially conscious, but she felt that the comforting voice belonged to someone she knew and loved. When Pam awoke in the hospital, Pete was gone. But the nurse told her what had happened to him. “That young man was eloping when his car hit yours. The accident upset his plans, but it’s all right. He’s married now!” Pam couldn’t choke back her tears. She had lost him. But why had he called her “my darling”? Why had he pretended to be in love with her when he had a fiancee all the time? Pam hoped she had seen the last of the flirtatious Dr. Peter Allen. But she hadn’t—not by any means!