Monday, January 2, 2012

Special Nurse

Title: Special Nurse
Author: Lucy Agnes Hancock
Publisher: Pocket Books (#6054)
Copyright: 1948
Published: 1960, fifth printing
Illustrator: Mark Dawson

He is credited on the back cover. Another cover for this same book can be found here.

“It’s all over, my darling.” Gently, Pete’s hand brushed her cheek. Pam was only partially conscious, but she felt that the comforting voice belonged to someone she knew and loved. When Pam awoke in the hospital, Pete was gone. But the nurse told her what had happened to him. “That young man was eloping when his car hit yours. The accident upset his plans, but it’s all right. He’s married now!” Pam couldn’t choke back her tears. She had lost him. But why had he called her “my darling”? Why had he pretended to be in love with her when he had a fiancee all the time? Pam hoped she had seen the last of the flirtatious Dr. Peter Allen. But she hadn’t—not by any means!

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