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Shoreline Nurse

Title: Shoreline Nurse
Author: Jeanne Bowman
Publisher: Pyramid Books (T-2392)
Published: 1971
Illustrator: Fred Pfeiffer
Review available

He is credited as "Pfeiffer" on the back cover.

Boarding the trawler that was to take her to her new home, Lorina Rodgers wondered if she had made the right decision. Was she crazy to leave her safe and hectic job at the mainland hospital to become the only nurse of this isolated, starkly beautiful island? Old Benjamin Jones, the island’s wealthy and crotchety owner, had been curiously intent on persuading the pretty young nurse to take the assignment. Lorina knew the island needed her, but she suspected that the cantankerous old man had another card up his sleeve—finding the right wife for his handsome, blond, and equally stubborn grandson. Before long, Lorina found herself caught in a tangle of island politics and deepening love that forced her to choose between her duty as a nurse—and her life as a woman.

Thanks to The Pfeiffer Pfiles for their help in identifying the illustrator.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nurse into Woman

Title: Nurse into Woman
Author: Marguerite Mooers Marshall
Publisher: Bantam (#464)
Published: December 1948
Illustrator: Dave Attie

He is credited inside the book.

“I’m a nurse, not a woman,” said Kristine. “I’ve resolved never to marry—never to have a child. I’m a good nurse—I’ll stay one. I’m not going to be a woman.” But to Captain Jim Dudley, whose life she had saved, and woman to be loved. Which would win—the nurse or the woman?

When Doctors Marry

Title: When Doctors Marry
Author: Elizabeth Seifert
Publisher: Dell (D428)
Published: June 1961 (first printing)
Illustrator: Tom Miller
Review available

He is credited on the back cover.

When Dr. Cannon Penrod read about the appointment of Dr. Corliss Walker as resident surgeon to the Memorial Hospital staff—the first woman ever to receive such an appointment—he could not believe that a woman exposed to so much pain and suffering could have feelings of her own—womanly feelings. A freak accident was to bring the two doctors together, and Dr. Penrod would learn that Dr. Corliss Walker was truly a woman—a woman almost too pretty to be a doctor, a woman who wanted to love a man, who wanted to have her own baby, even to know her own sorrow and hurt for someone she loved and who belonged to her. Dr. Walker was a woman who wanted to love a man, but not just any man …

Probation Nurse

Title: Probation Nurse
Author: Gertrude E. Mallette
Publisher: Paperback Library
Published: November 1965 (second printing)
Illustrator: Freeman Elliot

He is credited on the back cover.

A nurse’s duty is to serve—to obey orders unquestioningly—to respect her superiors—to follow the rules at all costs. But if the cost is a human life—and she believes her superiors to be wrong—should she take it upon herself to disobey? With only three months to prove she could be a nurse, Sabra Dunning had to choose between a patient’s life and her own career. To whom did she owe allegiance? The very rules which forced her to a decision cut her off from the only man she could turn to—her fiancé, Dr. Galen Trent. Alone, Sabra made her choice …

Nurse Todd’s Strange Summer

Title: Nurse Todd’s Strange Summer
Author: Zillah K. Macdonald and Vivian J. Ahl
Publisher: Paperback Library (#50-884)
Published: December 1965
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

His signature is in the right-hand corner along the bird’s wing, and he is credited on the back cover.

Nurse Ann Todd, on a special duty assignment on the misty coast of Maine, found two men … and a mystery. There was Quint Towne, who made her pulse thump though her heart said no … And there was Dr. Bruce McNab, brilliant and lonely, shunned by the people who needed him most, blamed for some strange tragedy no one would name. As Ann struggled in the web of hate and suspicion that enmeshed the town, the tension around her tightened its grip on her heart. Then, on the terrifying, gale-lashed waves of Jericho Bay, Ann found the answer to the mystery of Dr. McNab … and the key to her own future.

Leap in the Dark

Title: Leap in the Dark
Author: Rona Randall
Publisher: Ace
Published: 1967
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

He is credited on the back cover.

Jeanne Cleary’s eventual destination was the nursing school in London, but on her own for the first time she felt an urgency to sort out the mysterious circumstances of her birth. Born to an aristocratic French woman who had married against her family’s wishes, Jeanne had been left an orphan when her parents died during the war. Now, having just discovered the existence of her French grandparents, Jeanne was determined to have at least one look at her mother’s ancestral home. But Fate was not to be satisfied with just a far-away glimpse. Before she could turn away from the imposing Château de Clémenteaux, Jeanne would become entangled in a series of lies which would bind her to another’s identity … an identity which would keep her from the man she loved, and prevent her from unmasking the imposter who said she was the real Jeanne Cleary.

Island Doctor

Title: Island Doctor
Author: Isabel Cabot
Publisher: Popular Library (#K65)
Published: December 1963
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.
This illustration was also used for Woman Doctor.

Young and extremely pretty Dr. Alison Clay had come to Britt Island because aging Dr. Ben needed her. With an exciting new life awaiting her back in the city, it wasn’t part of her plan to stay more than three weeks. Then Dr. Alison was caught up in a hurricane of emotions, and she began to discover that a woman’s heart makes its own plans …

Woman Doctor

Title: Woman Doctor
Author: Alice Lent Covert
Publisher: Popular Library (#60-2171)
Published: 1952
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.
This illustration was also used for the cover of Island Doctor.

Maggie Waynescott was a woman born for love. Petite and beautiful, no man could look at her without wanting to take her in his arms. Now she had fallen deeply in love with newspaperman Mike Hubbard. Here, finally, was the man she wanted close to her for the rest of her life. But Maggie Waynescott was also Dr. Waynescott, a woman in a very special man’s world … a world she knew Mike would never share. Somehow she had to choose—her man or her career.

I, Theresa, Registered Nurse

Title: I, Theresa, Registered Nurse
Author: Diane Frazer
Publisher: Pocket Books (#45021)
Published: June 1965
Illustrator: Harry Bennett
Review available

His signature is in the upper right-hand corner.

“You see, Greg,” she said soberly, “nobody really knows when my birthday is.” He turned around and looked into her face. “What is this, a gag? Surely your mother knows. She was there after all.” She sat up straight. “Nobody knows when I was born. I’m not really the daughter of Stewart and Alicia Winslow; they adopted me when I was a little girl. It’s rather like a Victorian novel. But it’s fact, no fiction.” “But who … but they must know who …” “No, I was found, it seems, asleep and almost frozen to death in some woods in France, near the Swiss border. The Winslows took me from a home for such war orphans in France. All they know is that I was about four when I came up to the French peasants who discovered me and said, Je suis Thérèse …”

Date with Danger

Title: Date with Danger
Author: Diane Frazer
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: April 1966
Illustrator: Harry Bennett
Review available

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

Nurse Barbara Bradley was returning from a holiday in Spain, but just before the plane landed a woman passenger was taken sick and Barbara was pressed into service by the airline stewardess. She cared for the woman as best she could, and helped her off the plane into the wheel chair that would transport her to the ambulance. Barbara herself had assured the stewardess it would be a wise precaution to radio ahead for it. But just as the ambulance pulled away Barbara realized she was still holding the woman’s bulky handbag. She called after the ambulance, then broke into a run. But Barbara never reached the ambulance. Suddenly the bag was wrenched from her hand, and the next thing she knew she was in the office of Lieutenant McIver of the New York police force. The carryall, it seemed, contained narcotics. Whatever had Barbara gotten herself into: And how was she ever going to get out of it?

An American Nurse in Vienna

Title: An American Nurse in Vienna
Author: Diane Frazer
Publisher: Pocket Books (#50208)
Published: January 1966
Illustrator: Harry Bennett
Review available

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

When nurse Mary Tyler learned that she was being sent to Vienna, she was overjoyed. Cannister Memorial in New York had always seemed to her an exciting place. But all her life she had longed to see Europe. Besides, Franz Schneider, who also worked at Cannister Memorial, was to be one of the two doctors on the team. And Mary was secretly in love with him. Then in Vienna she met a young Hungarian baron who swept her off her feet. She had intended only to make Franz jealous. But soon she found that she was playing with fire.

Nurse Hilary

Title: Nurse Hilary
Author: Peggy Gaddis
Publisher: MacFadden Books
Published: 1958
Illustrator: Rudy Nappi
Review available

His signature is on the bottom of the illustration.

Doctor Stuart Marsden was too busy for love … until Hilary Westbrook, R.N. joined him in his uphill fight to better conditions for all the oldsters in the community. Then Doctor Marsden realized his efficient assistant was also a woman—and a lovely one!

Dr. Dorothy’s Choice

Title: Dr. Dorothy’s Choice
Author: Elizabeth Wesley
Publisher: Paperback Library (50-252)
Published: November 1963
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

As a doctor at the Still River hospital and as the bride-to-be of Tom Norman, Dee Bailey had exactly what she wanted in life—to cure the sick and to love and be loved. Then both her career and her love were threatened—one by an ambitious doctor, the other by a beautiful, seductive woman. Both had power, money and cunning behind them. Alone, with only her conscience and her love to guide her, Doctor Dee had to make the decision which would determine not only her own future, but the future of the hospital and the entire Still River community as well.

Lady Doctor

Title: Lady Doctor
Author: Adelaide Humphries
Publisher: Popular Library (K69
Published: April 1964
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

Lady doctor—young girl in love—each describes a different kind of woman. Yet each applied to lovely, dark-haired Dr. Billie Whitcomb, who fell in love with a handsome neighbor with an adorable son and a wife who was strangely missing. Billie suddenly must face a girl’s most agonizing decision: What kind of woman was she going to be?

The Nurse

Title: The Nurse
Author: Lucy Agnes Hancock
Publisher: Harlequin (#302)
Copyright: 1954
Illustrator: D. Rickard
Review available

The signature in the lower right-hand corner is cut off, but the style is similar to other known Rickard works, and the artist did several early covers for Harlequin.

The life of a nurse is not an easy one, but Susan Trent enjoyed every minute of her work, even those times of tragedy when unavoidable accidents brought disaster, bloodshed and suffering. She found it absorbing because she shared in those difficulties and problems of all those whose lives and health she guarded. But Susan had not expected to be involved so deeply that the problems of others would affect her own secure existence. Nor that the sinister and deadly happenings in the busy shops and factories would culminate in her own quiet office.

(Thanks to blogger Fly-by-Night for the scan of Rickard's signature and for help with identifying the artist.)

Overseas Nurse

Title: Overseas Nurse
Author: Jennifer Ames
Publisher: Ace (D-524)
Copyright: 1951
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

This is uncredited, but his daughter, Louise M. Zeitlin, has told me that this is a Lou Marchetti cover.

At the Sydney airport, Nurse June Ray made her first error: she mistook a handsome stranger for her sponsor, Dr. Jed Lawson. Unaware of her mistake, June spent a romantic day and a half swimming in the dazzling sunlight and dancing under the stars. By the time she met the man with whom she had been corresponding and to whom she owed her last chance at a nursing career, her heart was no longer her own …

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Wings for Nurse Bennett

Title: Wings for Nurse Bennett
Author: Adeline McElfresh
Publisher: Dell
Copyright: 1960
Illustrator: Tommy Shoemaker
Review available

He is credited on the back cover.

“Office-dressing” … That, Sarah thought wryly, was exactly what she had been as nurse to the handsome and successful Dr. Ralph Caldwell Porter. Looking wand-slim and elegant in her white nylon uniform, her heaviest duty had been to stand by serenely while Ralph administered to the imaginary needs of some fawning, simpering female. And now she was suddenly in the wilds of Alaska, newly appointed stewardess of the Alaska Passenger and Freight Airlines, about to board the frighteningly small and flimsy-looking plane for her first trip. But at least, she assured herself, here she could be useful. And perhaps, in this new land, she would get a new perspective on her life. Because she had to make up her mind about Ralph. She had to decide whether she could marry a man she loved—but didn’t respect.

Doctor’s Choice

Title: Doctors Choice
Author: Susan Lennox
Publisher: Monarch
Copyright: 1960
Illustrator: Robert Maguire
Review available

His signature is in the lower right-hand corner.

Dr. Bruce Morrow’s beautiful fiancée laughed when she heard the terms of his uncle’s will. “How utterly absurd,” Nina said. “Of course you are not going to bury yourself in a small Southern town and take over the running of a dinky hospital. Dad will build you one right here, if I ask him to.” Bruce knew Nina was right, of course, but he couldn’t help wondering about the pull he felt toward his late uncle’s home town, the hospital he had left him and Nurse Becky Roberts. He was in love with Nina all right, but he couldn’t help wondering why Becky was constantly on his mind and why his resolve to become a rich, big-city society doctor was weakening day by day.

Navy Nurse

Title: Navy Nurse
Author: Ruth Ives
Publisher: Berkley Medallion
Copyright: 1962
Illustrator: Harry Kane
Review available

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

When lovely Nurse Pamela West was assigned to Lattimer Air Force Base to be part of the government’s space-training program, she realized that her new work would be both complex and demanding. Pam worked hand in hand with the first eight astronauts as they went through their rigorous training. The chief doctor on the base, tall handsome Steve Forrester was assisted by Sybil Paige, a very attractive young woman. Pam had a great deal of admiration for Dr. Forrester, but she was also aware of Sybil Paige’s hostility, although she could not understand it. Then someone warned her: “Don’t get involved with Steve Forrester. Others have and got nothing but trouble…”

Ice Show Nurse

Title: Ice Show Nurse
Author: Jane Converse
Publisher: Signet
Copyright: 1970
Illustrator: David Blossom
Review available

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

In the spotlight Tina, a queen on ice, spun … and the audience gasped with delight. Behind the scenes Nurse Wells stood watching with the doctors … the man she’d joined the ice show to be near. But could the quiet, competent nurse hope to win her man when Tina whirled, glittering, out of the spotlight and into his arms?

He Married a Doctor

Title: He Married a Doctor
Author: Faith Baldwin
Publisher: Dell
Published: First printing, June 1962
Illustrator: Forté
Review available

Credited on the back cover.

Carey Dennis had been in love once, deeply in love. Then he had been hurt, just as deeply. Once was enough. If he ever fell in love again, Carey told himself, it wouldn’t be with a woman like Hilda. A woman whose mind and hands had been highly trained, a woman whose heart was big enough to love all humanity—but perhaps not intimate enough to love a man.

Doctor Sara

Title: Doctor Sara
Author: Peggy Gaddis
Publisher: MacFadden Books
Copyright: 1959
Illustrator: Robert Maguire
Review available

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

“I never did hold with women doctors,” sneered Blade Morrisey, whose word was law on little Fisher’s Island. But lovely Dr. Sara Winslow was doing a man’s job, and she was used to fighting masculine prejudice. She was determined to win over Blade and the few like him who scoffed at the “lady doctor.” The lonely man in the lighthouse was another matter. Why was he on the island? And why did her heart behave so strangely when they met?

Sandra Surgical Nurse

Title: Sandra Surgical Nurse
Author: Patti Stone
Publisher: Bantam
Illustrator: Robert Abbett
Review available

His signature is in the lower right-hand corne.

A surgeon tormented by his his past—a beautiful nurse deeply in love—two figures struggled through the midnight blizzard up to a lonely, snow-shrouded farmhouse. They were just in time. Working in the feeble glow of gaslight, a courageous doctor saved the life of a woman and her new-born baby. When it was over, the nurse spoke softly to her exhausted companion: “They would have died. Two lives saved because of you. You can forgive yourself now, can’t you?”

Walk out of Darkness

Title: Walk out of Darkness
Author: Arlene Karson
Publisher: Monarch Books
Copyright: 1963
Illustrator: Harry Schaare
Review available

He is credited on the verso page.

Nurse Ellen James was torn by indecision. Chet Matthews was demanding she set a date for their wedding—but Ellen wasn’t sure that she loved him. She knew Chet had a brilliant future in the publicity field. In fact, he had just asked her to go along on a three-day walkathon to promote untamed Padre Island to tourists. Ellen decided to go along. That’s when she met Dr. Tom Phillips, a strange, lonely man, and became even more confused by her own emotions. There on a wild, desolate stretch of sand, both men were faced with a crisis of life or death. Ellen knew that the key to her future happiness depended on which man could meet the challenge—and win her heart.

Dr. Jeremy’s Wife

Title: Dr. Jeremy’s Wife
Author: Elizabeth Seifert
Publisher: Dell
Copyright: 1961
Illustrator: Victor Kalin

He is credited on the back cover.

Dr. Jeremy’s wife was young, beautiful and headstrong. Dr. Jeremy was older, decent and respected. But they were happy together, until a young army captain came home and captured the heart of Dr. Jeremy’s wife.