Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Doctors Marry

Title: When Doctors Marry
Author: Elizabeth Seifert
Publisher: Dell (D428)
Published: June 1961 (first printing)
Illustrator: Tom Miller
Review available

He is credited on the back cover.

When Dr. Cannon Penrod read about the appointment of Dr. Corliss Walker as resident surgeon to the Memorial Hospital staff—the first woman ever to receive such an appointment—he could not believe that a woman exposed to so much pain and suffering could have feelings of her own—womanly feelings. A freak accident was to bring the two doctors together, and Dr. Penrod would learn that Dr. Corliss Walker was truly a woman—a woman almost too pretty to be a doctor, a woman who wanted to love a man, who wanted to have her own baby, even to know her own sorrow and hurt for someone she loved and who belonged to her. Dr. Walker was a woman who wanted to love a man, but not just any man …

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