Saturday, November 5, 2011

Walk out of Darkness

Title: Walk out of Darkness
Author: Arlene Karson
Publisher: Monarch Books
Copyright: 1963
Illustrator: Harry Schaare
Review available

He is credited on the verso page.

Nurse Ellen James was torn by indecision. Chet Matthews was demanding she set a date for their wedding—but Ellen wasn’t sure that she loved him. She knew Chet had a brilliant future in the publicity field. In fact, he had just asked her to go along on a three-day walkathon to promote untamed Padre Island to tourists. Ellen decided to go along. That’s when she met Dr. Tom Phillips, a strange, lonely man, and became even more confused by her own emotions. There on a wild, desolate stretch of sand, both men were faced with a crisis of life or death. Ellen knew that the key to her future happiness depended on which man could meet the challenge—and win her heart.

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