Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Nurse

Title: The Nurse
Author: Lucy Agnes Hancock
Publisher: Harlequin (#302)
Copyright: 1954
Illustrator: D. Rickard
Review available

The signature in the lower right-hand corner is cut off, but the style is similar to other known Rickard works, and the artist did several early covers for Harlequin.

The life of a nurse is not an easy one, but Susan Trent enjoyed every minute of her work, even those times of tragedy when unavoidable accidents brought disaster, bloodshed and suffering. She found it absorbing because she shared in those difficulties and problems of all those whose lives and health she guarded. But Susan had not expected to be involved so deeply that the problems of others would affect her own secure existence. Nor that the sinister and deadly happenings in the busy shops and factories would culminate in her own quiet office.

(Thanks to blogger Fly-by-Night for the scan of Rickard's signature and for help with identifying the artist.)

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