Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shoreline Nurse

Title: Shoreline Nurse
Author: Jeanne Bowman
Publisher: Pyramid Books (T-2392)
Published: 1971
Illustrator: Fred Pfeiffer
Review available

He is credited as "Pfeiffer" on the back cover.

Boarding the trawler that was to take her to her new home, Lorina Rodgers wondered if she had made the right decision. Was she crazy to leave her safe and hectic job at the mainland hospital to become the only nurse of this isolated, starkly beautiful island? Old Benjamin Jones, the island’s wealthy and crotchety owner, had been curiously intent on persuading the pretty young nurse to take the assignment. Lorina knew the island needed her, but she suspected that the cantankerous old man had another card up his sleeve—finding the right wife for his handsome, blond, and equally stubborn grandson. Before long, Lorina found herself caught in a tangle of island politics and deepening love that forced her to choose between her duty as a nurse—and her life as a woman.

Thanks to The Pfeiffer Pfiles for their help in identifying the illustrator.

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