Saturday, February 25, 2012

Surgical Nurse

Title: Surgical Nurse
Author: Rosie M. Banks (pseud. Alan Jackson)
Publisher: Pocket Books
Copyright: 1959
Published: Third edition (#6057), 1960
Illustrator: Robert Abbett

His signature is at the bottom of the cover.

Nurse Althea Jones, young and lovely, worshiped her boss, Dr. Mike. He was a brilliant surgeon. Handsome—and married. So Althea did not admit—even to herself—that she loved him. But the day came that shattered her life. Dr. Mike leaned down and kissed his pretty nurse. Not a friendly kiss but one filled with unleashed passion. Then he recovered his control and the moment was over—for him. But for her, that was a moment of beginning. How could she forget, ever, the pressure of his lips on hers? How could she ever marry anyone else, knowing that her heart belonged to him? She knew it was hopeless. But there had to be a way, somehow, somewhere, someday!

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