Sunday, December 23, 2012

Judy George, Student Nurse

Title: Judy George, Student Nurse
Author: Patti Stone
Publisher: Paperback Library
Published: April 1967, ©1966
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
This cover is uncredited, but it is clearly done in his style.
For Judy George, nursing is full of challenge and drama. When an accident case is brought into emergency, Judy is strangely attracted to the gaunt, red-haired victim known only as Joe Smith. Though his recovery is quick despite a persistent loss of feeling in one thumb, Joe is depressed. To help him overcome his handicap, Judy convinces him that the best therapy is to work at the hospital. He surprises everyone with his care and concern for crippled children. Judy wonders just what he did before the accident, but Joe mysteriously guards his past. Soon Judy realizes that, despite the fact he is still a stranger to her, she is in love with him. But how can she plan the future with a man who refuses to discuss his past?


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