Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Nurse Comes Home

Title: A Nurse Comes Home
Author: Ethel Hamill
Publisher: Dell Candlelight (#6506)
Published: First printing, Oct. 1969, ©1954
Illustrator: Edrien King
Review available

Her signature, though cut off, is in the lower right-hand corner.

When lovely, blonde Elizabeth Lane returned home to San Francisco, she thought she could take up her life just as it had been before. But in the three years the young nurse had been away—years spent as a prisoner of the enemy in Asia—grave changes had taken place. Handsome Doctor Marsh Carson, who had sworn to marry her, now was engaged to the ravishing, yet strangely sinister Karen Russell. Barney Jordan, who had helped Elizabeth survive her harsh captivity, now claimed a debt she felt she could never honestly repay. Then there was the rugged young newspaperman, Scott Alexander, with his probing questions and disturbing attractiveness. And Elizabeth quickly discovered that she herself was no longer the same girl who had gone away, as she struggled to find out what this new person who bore her name should do.

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