Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Nurse Named Courage

Title: A Nurse Named Courage
Author: Florence Stuart
Publisher: Pyramid
Published: January 1967, ©1965
Illustrator: Mort Engel

He is credited on the back cover.

Soon after she became a nurse at Shields memorial Hospital and met Dr. Burt Ives, Courage Williams found she’d have to live up to her name. Handsome, intense and moody, Bert was known as much for his iron will as for his brilliance as a surgeon. He was not used to being contradicted. But Courage could be stubborn too, and she and Bert clashed violently over the treatment of a handsome young ward patient. Before long, Courage began to wonder whether Bert’s anger was professional—or jealous … and whether she was reacting so strongly to him as a nurse—or as a woman.

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