Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Factory Nurse

Title: Factory Nurse
Author: Hilary Neal
Publisher: Harlequin (812)
Published: 1973, ©1961
Illustrator: Paul Anna Soik

His signature is in the lower left-hand corner.

Brigid didn’t really want to give up hospital nursing to work in a factory, but her father had a particular reason for wishing her to. Robert Bairnsdale, on the other hand, hoped she would give up nursing altogether and marry him. Only Morley Scott was completely undemanding, wanting only the right to love her. If only Brigid would make up her mind how she felt about him! Perhaps, she felt, getting away from the hospital would help her to sort things out. But when she met Guy Wisden, the immensely attractive factory manager, it looked as if she had only exchanged one set of complications for another.

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