Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Peace Corps Nurse

Title: Peace Corps Nurse
Author: Josephine James
Publisher: Golden Griffon
Published: 1969, ©1965
Illustrator: Stan Klimley

His signature is in the top right-hand corner, and he is credited on the back cover.

Kathy’s decision to join the Peace Corps was the most important step she’d ever taken—and the toughest. Strict self-discipline was required to face the cram courses, endurance tests and survival outings. Each day offered new—and demanding—experiences. Then, suddenly, she realized that something sinister was happening at the training school. A strange African spirit mask had been stolen—and the theft threatened the success of the entire program. Kathy knew that if she tried to solve the mystery, she’d be risking everything she had worked for … but she also knew that if she didn’t try, she would never find peace with herself …

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