Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nurse in Las Vegas

Title: Nurse in Las Vegas
Author: Jane Converse
Publisher: Signet (Q6272)
Published: January 1975, ©1975
Illustrator: Allan Kass

He is credited in the blog Allan Kass Book Covers.

Lana was never sure if she had taken the Prince case because of the lure of Hollywood and Las Vegas, or because Dr. Gil Whitaker had practically forbidden her to get involved. But what started out as an uncomplicated case and a chance to be near the doctor she loved had turned into a nightmare. Her patient, famed comedian Reggie Prince, decided he wanted a closer relationship with Lana than medical rules required. And he certainly was a charming host, surrounding her with the glamour of TV, nightclubs, and posh estates. But nothing seemed to work out right. As Reggie’s attentions increased, Gil seemed too content to drop out of the picture. Was she doomed to lose the man she loved over a one-sided flirtation with a Hollywood romeo …?

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