Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nurse with a Past

Title: Nurse with a Past
Author: Diane Frazer
Publisher: Permabooks (M4307)
Published: October 1964, ©1964
Illustrator: Harry Schaare

His signature runs along the left side of the illustration.

“Let’s leave Nancy alone, shall we? She’s a nice girl. Maybe she’s shy.”
“Shy!” Midge shrieked. “Now I’ve heard everything. Her Highness shy! Why, she’s conceited and snobbish. Apparently we’re not good enough for her.”
“Oh, Midge, you don’t even mean that,” Minerva protested. “She’s a little bit nuts about meddcin, as she calls it. She really wanted to hang out a shingle herself.”
“Stop it,” Midge answered, “we’ve all heard that sob story. If you ask me, it’s just a front. She doesn’t give a damn about a career. What she really wants is a man with money. But real money. If she finds one, you’ll see how quickly she forgets about doctors and nurses!”

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