Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Nurse Knows Best

Title: The Nurse Knows Best
Author: Adelaide Humphries
Publisher: Monarch Books (#223)
Published: November 1961, ©1953
Illustrator: Tom Miller

He is credited on the title page verso.

Nurse Ellen Copeland suddenly found three men in her life.
Tom Spendler, her boy friend since high school, who was demanding she set a date for their wedding.
Paul Dixon, once a brilliant author and now dangerously close to suicide, who needed her to help him write again and to restore faith in women and in love.
Dr. Eric Hendricks, attractive, young psychiatrist and the man Ellen was in love with. Only he seemed more interested in his work than in her.
What should she do about these three men? She had to come to a decision. Should she marry Tom out of loyalty? Should she sacrifice herself to Paul because he desperately needed her? Or was there some way to make Eric see her as a woman and not just as his nurse?

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