Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jill Nolan’s Choice

Title: Jill Nolans Choice
Author: Adeline McElfresh
Publisher: Dell (#4230)
Published: May 1963, ©1963
Illustrator: Mort Engel

He is credited on the back cover (as Mort Engle).

Why, Jill asked herself, had she left Bradburn Memorial Hospital to work in the wild and open backwoods country? Was it because she had felt unsure of her love for Giff? Had she hoped, during the year that she would be away from his operating table and his kisses, to test their love? And was that, she thought uneasily, the reason she could turn to Clay Ramsdell so easily—because she did not, truly and deeply, love Giff? Yes, Jill thought, absence makes the heart grow fonder … but of whom?

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