Saturday, May 7, 2011

Settlement Nurse

Title: Settlement Nurse
Author: Rosie M. Banks
Copyright: 1959
Publisher: Permabooks
Illustrator: Robert Abbett
Review available

His signature is under the stairs, and he is credited on the back cover.

Cindy anxiously watched her delirious patient. Kenneth Randall was a new experience for her. To the older nurses from the settlement house he was just another drifter—a vagrant who moved from one cheap hotel room to another, from one misery to the next. But Cindy saw only a man who needed her as no one ever had. It was her job to save him. But from what? His past was a mystery. And what of his future? Did it depend on the show girl who had left her green stockings in his room? Suddenly Cindy was shocked to realize that she was actually jealous of a woman she had never seen. It was ridiculous—but it had happened. Cindy was falling in love with a strange man she hadn’t even spoken to!

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