Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New Doctor

Title: The New Doctor
Author: Elizabeth Seifert
Copyright: 1962
Publisher: Permabook
Illustrator: Jo Polseno

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His teeth were very white and flashed when he talked or smiled. He moved gracefully and spoke with a voice that was deep and soft and musical. That was how Arline Evans, the clinic’s administrator, first saw Jamie Faloon, the new doctor at the chemical plant. Soon Arline was enraptured. But Jamie appeared quite different to the clinic doctors who watched the romance blossom. Why did the elder Dr. Faloon eye his son’s career nervously? Why did Jamie’s beautiful stepmother frantically defend him as she pushed into society? Were Jamie’s mistakes with patients due to an ambitious man’s carelessness? Or was there some hidden intent behind them—a desire to play God?

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