Monday, May 30, 2011

Cinderella Nurse

Title: Cinderella Nurse
Author: Jane Converse
Copyright: 1967
Publisher: Signet
Illustrator: Allan Kass
Review available

This cover is credited on Allan Kass Book Covers.

“Give it up,” Glen Seabrook had said. “They’re using you, Rita. They’ll never change.” But she couldn’t abandon her family. And she lost Glenn. It all seemed so long ago. Before she became wife to an alcoholic, mother to a son—and widow. At twenty-four, life held no more surprises for Rita Ambler. Then came the accident that changed everything. That thrust Rita Ambler into the arms of Dr. Lester Wyman and out of reach of his new protégé, Dr. Glen Seabrook…the only man she had ever loved.

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