Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doctor’s Bride

Title: Doctor’s Bride
Author: Elizabeth Seifert
Copyright: 1960
Publisher: Dell
Illustrator: Tom Miller

The signature in the lower right-hand corner reads just “Miller,” but Tom Miller was illustrating covers for other books by Elizabeth Seifert for Dell at this period, so I am attributing this cover to him. (Thanks to Lynn Monroe for help with this identification.)

The first months of marriage were not easy for Dr. Turnbeau’s lovely young bride, Julie. There were long lonely nights when Rolf worked in his lab until dawn. There were the demands of the patients who claimed so great a share of her handsome young husband’s dedication. All this Julie was prepared to face. But when glamorous and sophisticated Shannon Rorick returned to town, Julie’s heart was thrown into turmoil. Could she face this challenge from her husband’s past—the challenge of a love that had not died?


signature, enlarged

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