Saturday, March 12, 2011

Surgical Nurse

Title: Surgical Nurse
Author: Florence K. Palmer
Publisher: Monarch Books
Copyright: 1963
Illustrator: Robert Maguire
Review available

He is credited on the copyright page.

It was love at first sight when Surgical Nurse Sloane McBain met Dr. Vince Alvord, senior resident and head surgeon at Mercy Hospital. The prospect of working side by side with the brilliant, young surgeon was exciting—until Sloane learned he was engaged to socialite Valerie Cosgrove, a very jealous and possessive woman. Sloane knew she had to hide her feelings for Vince if she was to continue assisting him in the operating room. But how was a girl supposed to control her emotions when she worked so closely with the man who filled all her thoughts? Sloane knew she had to find the answer to her dilemma before it interfered with her duty as a nurse—and her integrity as a woman.

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