Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gerald B. Gregg

Title: Student Nurse
Author: Renee Shann
Publisher: Dell
Copyright: 1941
Illustrator: Gerald B. Gregg

Illustration magazine, issue #9, page 69, lists Gerald Gregg as the illustrator.

When lovely young Shirley Davidson ran away from her tyrannical father, fate (and the kindness of Matron Anna Marsden) fulfilled her lifelong dream-she became a student nurse. — Then, as if she weren't already bursting with happiness, she fell in love — But there were complications (and heartbreak) ahead. For hamdsome Dr. Gerald Trent, though irresistibly drawn to Shirley, was already engaged to Anna MarsdenAnd Shirley would rather die than to do anything to hurt the woman she worshipped, who had given her her first chance for a decent life.

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