Saturday, March 5, 2011

Big City Nurse

Title: Big City Nurse
Author: Jane Highmore
Publisher: Permabooks
Copyright: 1961
Illustrator: Jerry Allison
Review available here.

His signature runs alongside the stethoscope.

For a few seconds they stood silently, then Alex tilted Marcia’s head back and kissed her with a demanding force unlike anything she had ever experienced. His urgent demands aroused in her heart a fire that could be quenched only by meeting his ardor with her own. Rapturously Marcia gave herself up to his embrace. He laughed huskily. “And to think I wanted a malleable little wife!” And still there was a nagging doubt deep within her heart. Was this what she wanted—to marry a Fifth Avenue doctor, to give up her own career? Yet Alex was everything she had ever dreamed—handsome, wealthy, intelligent. What was it that sometimes bothered her so deeply, even when she was in his arms?

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