Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nurse Kitty’s Secret

Title: Nurse Kitty’s Secret
Author: Fern Shepard (pseud. Florence Stonebraker)
Publisher: Pyramid Books
Copyright: 1963
Illustrator: Rudy Nappi
Review available

He is credited on the back cover.

At times, Kitty McCarthy thought she had buried her unhappy past. She was young, beautiful, raven-haired—and now all she wanted was to make good as an R.N. at Miner’s Hospital in the Kentucky hills—and to marry rugged Dr. Gary Harding—whose dream it was to see his little hospital properly equipped and endowed. Then, one day, Kitty’s brave new world fell apart—when Hollywood film queen Sherri Shannon was brought in—an accident victim. Sherri soon decided she wanted young Dr. Harding and would win him—if she had to destroy Kitty by ruthless trickery and by divulging the dark secret that involved both their pasts …

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