Saturday, October 1, 2011

Doctor with a Mission

Title: Doctor with a Mission
Author: Elizabeth Seifert
Publisher: Dell
Illustrator: Barye Phillips

Credited as "Phillips" on the back cover.

Dr. Rufus McGilfray was handsome, brilliant and dedicated. He came to Bayard after long years of medical research in the jungles of South America, ready to meet a new kind of challenge in this old river town. But he had not bargained on the hostility that awaited him. Neither the Bayard doctors nor the townspeople were eager to welcome an outsider. Not even the poverty-stricken shack dwellers along the river bank, the people Rufus wanted to help, would put their trust in him. Then, when things looked darkest, along came Ginny--beautiful, warm, eager to help. She was the one woman he had always dreamed of. And the one woman he could never have ...

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