Saturday, April 16, 2011

Timberline Nurse

Title: Timberline Nurse
Author: Ruth McCarthy Sears
Publisher: Dell Candlelight
Copyright: 1965
Illustration: Tom Miller
Review available

The signature “Miller” in the lower right-hand corner is similar to that found on the cover of Doctor’s Bride, which I have attributed to Tom Miller. (Thanks to Lynn Munroe for help with this identification.)

Crystal Garnette loved the beautiful, pine-covered mountains where she had grown up. But when her romance with wealthy Jeffrey Varian ended in heartbreak, Crystal fled to the city to forget. She succeeded, working at busy Rochester-Main Hospital—until her father’s death brought her back to Timber Town. Crystal vowed she would quickly leave. But she could not resist when old Doctor Curtis begged her to stay on at the understaffed mountain hospital. Then, in the midst of her greatest challenge as a nurse, she was faced with the hardest decision of her young life. How could she choose between two very different men—one a rough lumberman, the other a handsome doctor—who said they loved her? In this place where she already had made one painful mistake, dare she risk her heart again?

signature, enlarged

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