Saturday, November 16, 2019

Uldis Klavins

Title: Disaster Area Nurse
Author: Arlene Hale
Publisher: Ace
Published: ©1965
Illustrator: Uldis Klavins
Review available

The artist is credited at an auction house web site where the original artwork was sold. 

The thunder roared and crashed about them—but Nurse Lynn Lawrence felt that the wildness of the storm was rivaled by the frantic racing of her own thoughts. She cast a glance at her fiancé, Greg Avery. Beside him, huddled helplessly, was the pretty Dawn Evans. There was no doubt that Greg was paying a great deal of attention to comforting Dawn—too much, Lynn thought. But there was another in the group of flood-marooned strangers. He was handsome, and smiled at Lynn in a way that sent the heart fluttering. Surely things would right themselves once they got back to civilization. But in a disaster like this, a short time could lead to a broken-hearted eternity.

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