Saturday, November 24, 2018

Allan Kass

Title: Beth Lloyd, Surgical Nurse
Author: Jane Converse
Publisher: Signet P4457
Published: December 1970
Illustrator: Allan Kass

His signature in in the lower left-hand corner.

Nurse Beth Lloyd had just broken with the man she loved, the brilliant young surgeon Dr. Paul Bryant. She was heartbroken when he accused her of trying to push him into a marriage he felt would hinder his career. Suddenly into their lives came Jimmy Ladue, critically in need of a heart transplant. And Pauls conservative senior partner, Dr. Weston, so strongly opposed to the new techniques, was for some mysterious reason willing to perform the operation. It was to be a transplant that would transform all their lives. For in its wake a desperate secret would emergea secret to threaten the reputation of two fine surgeons and bring Beth Lloyd heartbreakingly close to the man she was trying so hard to forget.

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