Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ship's Nurse

Title: Ship's Nurse
Author: Rosie M. Banks
Publisher: Permabooks M-4223
Published: January 1962, ©1962
Illustrator: Robert Maguire
Review available

This is not credited, but it is in his style.

When her aunt, the ship’s senior nurse, breaks her ankle, Cathy volunteers for duty. There seems to be more than the usual shipboard intrigue—the ship’s doctor drinks tea, secretly laced with rum, to forget painful memories. His young assistant yearns to leave the ship to start his own practice. A stowaway—on a last fling before settling down to responsibility—is discovered. A raucous Texas dowager drinks too much and her gigolo-husband has a roving eye. Cathy herself if faced with an oversupply of admirers. An innocent flirtation and sudden tragedy make Cathy realize the depth of her dedication to nursing—and where her heart is.

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