Sunday, March 9, 2014

Doctor Garth

Title: Doctor Garth
Author: Elizabeth Hoy
Publisher: Harlequin #497
Published: December 1959, ©1959
Illustrator: Paul Anna Soik
Review available

“What exactly is an honorary?” Joan Langden asked her fellow nurses on her first day at St. Angela’s.
“A visiting consultant—either physician or surgeon,” explained the senior. “Usually they are men with big reputations. They give their services to the hospital free.”
“Oh!” though Joan softly. So Garth at twenty-nine was an “honorary.” An important surgeon with a reputation. She had known only vaguely of his connection with St. Angela’s and hadn’t been sure just what it was. It warmed her heart to hear the quick commendation of him in this girl’s voice. It made her glow with secret happiness that she might see him soon at his work … but although Joan had known Doctor Garth most of her life, she now found there were many things she didn’t understand about him. Why did he make her feel she was something “special” to him and yet keep so distant? And what was his connection with the pretty mother and her son on whom he was to operate? The story of Joan and Doctor Garth is an unusually appealing one.

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