Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love Comes to Dr. Starr

Title: Love Comes to Dr. Starr
Author: William Johnston
Publisher: Monarch Books
Illustrator: Lou Marchetti
Review available

He is credited on the copyright page.

Dr. Claudia Martin stood by as she watched her fiance, Dr. Dan Starr, treat his new patient, Kathleen Emory, who suffered from a partial paralysis that could only be cured by physical therapy. Spoiled and petted by her husband, Kathleen was used to getting what she wanted. And Claudia was sure that right now Kathleen wanted Dan. Claudia was used to Dan's becoming involved with his patients' problems. But this time it was different. This time the patient was a very beautiful girl. How long could Claudia's love for Dan last if she was forced to share his emotional commitment with another woman? After all, being a doctor didn't mean that she wasn't a woman. She had a woman's need for her man's attention. How could she make Dan see that she, too, needed him?

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