Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jet Set Nurse

Title: Jet Set Nurse
Author: Jane Converse (pseud. of Adele Kay Maritano)
Publisher: Signet
Copyright: 1970
Illustrator: Allan Kass
Review available

His signature runs along her shoulder.

They were island hopping, flitting from one tropical paradise to another … laughing readily, drinking steadily—wealthy heiress Marlaine Hayden, her fifth husband, Noah, her financier cousin, Dunward, and an entourage of hangers-on. Why did they add Nurse Roxy Ferris, blue-eyed, beautiful and disapproving, to their glittering, glamorous caravan? Someone had to watch over Marlaine’s sixteen-year-old daughter, Gee Gee, a gorgeous child, really, with a genius I.Q. but with a personality her private-school principal had called sick … “very sick.” Gee Gee’s was a rare malady, an infection destined to endanger them all!

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