Saturday, March 3, 2012

Charles Gehm

Title: Dude Ranch Nurse
Author: Arlene Hale
Publisher: Ace (#17220)
Published: ©1963
Illustrator: Charles Gehm
Review available

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Jan Gordon came to Deer River, with its dude ranches deep in the Rockies, in order to thrust aside all the unpleasant memories of the past and rediscover herself. But Jan found that as a nurse and as a woman, she couldn’t turn her back on conflict. There were two young doctors in Deer River; Jan owed loyalty to both. To Dr. Coe, Jan was bound by her conscience, but it was Dr. Lester who held her heart.


  1. When i was at a real Dude Ranch my councilor had me read this book. This is an amazing book! I highly recommend this book to anyone.

  2. I so that book also when we got a dude ranch vacations in Colorado.